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Having sat at both ends of the deal table, we understand first-hand the difference a great VC partner can make. We also understand the incredible challenge of creating, growing, and exiting the entrepreneurial journey.

We bet heavily on investing in the right people, even if the idea itself needs development. The idea will evolve and improve, especially in the care of a great entrepreneur. At our heart, we are an entrepreneur’s investment management company because we know we cannot force an investment’s success. We only succeed when our entrepreneurs succeed.

Joe Shamess

General Partner

Joe is a lifelong investor and entrepreneur with a private equity exit from his high-growth startup. He’s a three-time founder who’s led companies through all phases of the business growth cycle. He also served as turn-around CEO, returning to profitability in less than six months and leading three subsequent years of 100% growth in profit. In addition, he’s spent the last eight years in venture capital as an investor, board advisor, and mentor.

He is the Vice Chairman of the US Chamber of Commerce’s 100 member Small Business Council and a frequent speaker & writer on entrepreneurship and business policy issues. He’s delivered a White House press conference, testified before the US Senate and US House Representatives on business issues, and frequently participates in roundtable discussions in the House of Representatives.

Joe graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and Auburn University, with a BS in Law and an MBA in finance. He is a veteran who served 11 years as a special operations pilot, where he flew 168 combat missions in Afghanistan, the Middle East, and East Africa and was one of the first pilots to stand up operations against Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

An avid outdoorsman, explorer, and amateur historian, Joe spends weekends hiking & hunting with his family on their farm and they look for every opportunity to travel internationally.

Seda Goff

General Partner

Seda Goff is a venture capitalist, problem solver, and builder. Since 2018, she’s built two venture funds within the PenFed Foundation. She led 21 investments in 18 companies, in industries ranging from property tech to luxury consumer goods to health and wellness. Two of her investments are already on track for $1B+ valuations in the next 18 months. In addition, she built a fundraising accelerator that annually prepares 20 growth-stage, veteran-owned startups to raise investor funds and scale their companies.

She founded Lighthouse Global Business to guide international entrepreneurs and US-based start-ups looking to build or expand their businesses to new markets. Also, she served as an Adjunct Professor, teaching entrepreneurship, at American University’s Kogod School of Business.

Seda is passionate about helping founders overcome the barrier of access to capital. For female entrepreneurs, these challenges are even more pronounced: Since 2016, women entrepreneurs have received just two percent of all investment capital, even though they constitute 27 percent of new-business financial applicants. Seda has made it her mission to help veterans translate their military skills – leadership, teamwork, discipline, and flexibility – into launching and scaling successful businesses. She has written several opinion editorials on this subject in Military Times, Fox Business & Yahoo! Finance.

Seda and her husband have two children. A fluent Turkish speaker, she is the first person in her extended family born in the United States. She enjoys traveling and watching sports with her family.